Welcome at last to my new website, jodidaynard.com. With most of the glitches gone now, it remains only to add interesting links and, with a little luck, some interesting entries here as well. I’ll be adding links to short stories and essays on those pages soon. Occasionally, I’ll post a draft of something to see what you think about it. To be honest, I’m not much of a “talker,” and I’m not sure how I plan to use this space. Certainly, I’ll be sharing news, but it would be nice to get some questions and suggestions as to what you’d like to know or learn. I have a great deal of life and writing experience. I have raised a son and have survived cancer. I have taught writing and know something about the craft of writing essays, short stories, and novels. I have gone through conventional publishing processes and have self-published. Although my time is limited and life is short, I would enjoy using this space to help young writers just breaking into the business, or learning the craft, with questions about either. Let me know!