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"A charming, unexpected, and decidedly different take on the Revolutionary War."

⎯Publishers Weekly


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Bear with us while we renovate…

Posted on Jun 26 by

Dear readers: So sorry that this website was displaying designer handbags for awhile. The site was hijacked by some losers and we are still working to reinstate its original look...


Midwife in its first week – a bestseller

Posted on Apr 14 by

The Midwife’s Revolt was launched last Tuesday, April 7th. Since then, it has ranked #2, #3, and #4 in several of Amazon’s categories, including Literary/Historical...


The Midwife’s Revolt on Bestseller Lists!

Posted on Apr 9 by

Yep. Within 24 hours of launch, TMR made it onto several bestseller lists. It’s currently #3 on Kindle’s Literary/Historical list and #17 in Literary Books. This is a...


It’s here!

Posted on Apr 7 by